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Dr. Amber Mitchell is Springfield, Missouri’s premier female chiropractor, utilizing safe, gentle chiropractic techniques to relieve pain and treat a wide variety or conditions. Be assured, the doctors at Mitchell Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center utilize techniques that are both very safe and comfortable.

The journey from pain to relief starts at Mitchell. We don’t just heal your symptoms, we restore vitality and mobility and focus on the muscle groups that support a healthy spine.

There are many times when seeing a chiropractor is the missing factor in your day to day and overall health. Chiropractic care and maintenance is a patient-centered approach to wellness. We don’t prescribe drugs to relieve symptoms but rather work with a patient’s body through manual adjustments, muscle stimulation and nutrition counseling. In other words, health has more to do with making sure the body is functioning properly rather than making sure the patient feels good in the short term. If the body is working the way it should, then the patient should feel great—period. Chiropractic care can provide long-term improvement for many people. 

Working to restore spinal health and mobility should deliver energy, a better immune system, better mental and physical performance, fewer headaches, and a better overall lifestyle. When the body is functioning properly, the benefits are endless . . . better digestion, stronger blood flow, a clear skin complexion, larger lung capacity, increased focus, sinus relief, more strength, flexibility and mobility . . . Just to name a few. 


I’ve been going to see Dr. Amber Mitchell for years. She is the best chiropractor in Springfield, MO, in my opinion. There are many others that share my sentiments, as well. If you suffer from back, leg, or neck pain…call for an appointment, today. I guarantee you will get the best attention and care possible! She “fixes” my problems, every time I go to see her!
~ M. Wilson

Love this place! The ladies make an effort to know each of their patients and make you feel welcome. They always do their very best to get you in when it works for you and to work you in-in the case of a painful day to keep your treatment plan on track. Definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks, ladies!
~ H. Downum

Doctor Mitchell is fabulous. I had my second adjustment, after a couple of years of no chiropractic care, today. It was the best one of my life. You will not regret choosing her or choosing chiropractic. She and her staff listen to your concerns and take care of you.
~ S. Blacksher

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